Northern Heat Pump’s Loop Design Software Now Available

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Northern Heat Pump is pleased to announce the release of the NHP Looplink Design Software. If you are a HVAC contractor, geothermal equipment installer or wholesaler, this software can become one of your most valuable tools.

Northern Heat Pump's Looplink Design Software Now Available
NHP's Loop Design is a web-based ground source heat pump design software package made especially for the residential and light commercial market. Designed around the new IGSHPA standards, Loop Design gives you the tools necessary to quickly and accurately size your loopfield and determine which Northern Heat Pump model is best for your project needs.

In addition to being a valuable loop designer's tool, Loop Design offers comprehensive economic analysis tools and generates well organized, easy to read reports that help you make the case for geothermal systems to your customers. Loop Design will calculate the amortized cost of operation throughout the system's life, tell you how much your customer can expect to save in a year and even compare GSHP with other options your customer may be considering.

NHP's Loop Design software is intuitive and easy to use. Since the software is web-based, there will never be a need for software installation or updates. As a Loop Design subscriber, you can access the software from work, home, job site, or anywhere else you have computer and web access.

Right now, Northern Heat Pump is offering a FREE 1 week trial of this valuable software. CLICK HERE to go to the Looplink Design login page.

NorthStar Series line of geothermal heat pumps documents now available for download

Monday, August 23, 2010

We have recently updated the website to include installation manuals, specification data, and brochure.

Click here to view these documents.

NHP releases the NorthStar Series line of geothermal heat pumps.

Our new line, called the North Star Series has incorporated a number of improvements over the previous generation, the Xterra Series.

Click here for more information regarding the NorthStar Series heat pumps.

NHP Geothermal Heat Pumps

Here are two animated diagrams explaining the process using Geothermal Heat Pumps for heating and cooling your home from the outside to the inside.


Northern Heat Pump has a great line of Geothermal Heat Pumps available for use in residencial, commercial & industrial properties.

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Geothermal Heat pump incentives are available in the U.S. Canada, The United Kingdom, Australia and many parts of Europe.